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commercial drone services

Capture. Interrogate. Report.


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The ultimate cloud-based software for drone inspections

With in house specialists in the following fields .



. Electrical

. Road

. Wind

. Cell Towers

. Solar

. Water

. Rail

. Building

. Offshore


Scopito explained.

Scopito is the data management platform we use for our inspection images. We chose Scopito for the features, speed, and usability of the platform.

On Scopito’ s servers, images are stored securely, and because the platform is 100% cloud-based, we can give our customers direct access to inspections in a single click. Access to the platform is completely customizable and allows as many users as needed for each inspection. Users can see inspections, add comments, or analyse the inspection themselves with the right permission.

Sometimes access to the platform itself is less important, and what you really need is a report with a complete fault overview, or even just a certain fault type. These reports are easily generated as pdf or csv files in Scopito. All report contains an overview map of the inspection, with fault locations, as well as fault description, images, comments, and a link to the specific Google Maps location for the maintenance crew.  It is even possible to automatically push annotations to your work-order system with an easy integration.

The analysis workflow in Scopito includes the option to send an inspection for analysis with subject matter experts who have years of expertise in their fields.
For some inspection types, AI/ML analysis is also supported in Scopito, and the list of eligible types is growing fast. This saves customers a ton of time and ensures a predetermined accuracy level.

In cases where encroachment analysis is relevant, Scopito has a photogrammetry-based workflow which supports this. It saves customers time and money, compared to LiDAR-based workflows, and the results are delivered as part of the inspection.



  • 100% cloud-based

  • Very user friendly

  • 100% customizable pdf and csv reports

  • AI and Expert Analysis

  • Encroachment analysis

  • Integrations to work-order systems


What it means for customers

  • Data stored securely

  • Easy access to data from all locations

  • Reports give overview and can be used for maintenance

  • Integrates to work-order system

  • Fast and accurate fault detection

  • Cheap encroachment surveying

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Pix4Dmapper turns images into highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models.

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