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The Gold Standard in Asset Inspection

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Inspection Services

Commercial Drone Services Limited offer inspection services both airborne and underwater. Using state of the art platforms, payloads and software to capture, interrogate and report . We offer inspection and survey services in the following .

. Construction

. Building and roof

. Site Progress

. Road and bridge

. Wind and solar

. Rail

. Power line

. Crane

. Cell tower/mast

. Confined area

. Offshore

. Structure

. Energy efficiency (Thermal)

. 3D mapping

. Land survey

.Search and rescue


Underwater and Subsea .

. Port and dock

. Hull and prop

. Moorings

. Aquaculture

. Water Tank

. Culverts

. Search and recovery

. Insurance investigations

. Mapping


In fact you name it .We probably can inspect it !


Using our unique services can save your business up to 85% on traditional inspection methods such as rope access and dive teams, scaffolding, access platforms and helicopters with little to zero down time involved. So for a safe cost effective Inspection solution contact the Commercial Drone Services team for a friendly chat to see how we can save you and your organisation time, resources and money.

We will not be beaten on price for a like for like high level of service in UK airspace and waters. Commercial Drone Services Ltd operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year.


At Commercial Drone Services Limited not only are our pilots qualified to the highest standards for Commercial drone operations, they also have decades of experience in manned aviation including helicopter airborne inspection and filming. We also operate with liability cover of up to 10 million sterling and are certified by the UK CAA on a Operational Authorisation formally known as a PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) which allows us to operate commercially both day or night.

About the Founder


Chris is the C.D.S. founder, chief pilot and the accountable manager .Chris is an Ofqual level 4 Commercial drone pilot and a helicopter pilot with over 25 years experience in the aviation, utility and inspection sectors. Chris and his team are committed to offering an industry leading, safe, reliable and cost effective

service to all our clients and customers.

Always Mission Ready 

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